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Fanatical Support

With staff in both the USA and the UK, we pride ourselves on our rapid response times for support queries.

Easy to Manage

Our platforms are designed to virtually run themselves, requiring little administrative maintenance.

Easy Setup

No software installation required, VineUp is ready to go as soon as you are!

Data Protection

Unlike other social platforms, with VineUp you own all the data on your members, from latest contact information to employment history.

Data Sync / Export

Your administrators have the ability to easily export any data from the platform through our API to a third party database or through CSV export.


We don't believe in one size fits all solutions, we offer bespoke development and customisation services to give you the perfect end result to support your vision

Powerful Stats

We weren't happy just providing you with beautiful graphs and all the numbers you need, we want to give you actionable data. Each statistical view gives you guidance to help you cultivate and maintain your engaged community.

Stay Connected

Our technology integrates seamlessly with leading social networks including Facebook and LinkedIn. This makes it easy for your members to keep their VineUp profiles up-to-date, while providing you with their most recent information.

VineUp works with you to create your ideal private online community, connecting your members for mentoring and career development opportunities. Through our integration with leading social networks (including Facebook and LinkedIn) and various other technologies we are able to provide you with the most recent and up-to-date information on your graduates.

The desire for your graduates to continue to engage with your institution stems directly from two factors; the affinity that their university experience nurtured as a student and your capacity to help them transition successfully into the professional world. If your graduates cannot relate to at least one of these two factors, no matter what marketing or email campaign you embark upon, alumni adoption rates will not be maximised.

At VineUp we believe the best way to stay connected with your graduates is to start while they’re students. To support this philosophy, our technology connects your alumni and careers services, nurturing the continued growth and development of your members, both students and alumni alike.


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